Statoil (Op.) 35%, GDF SUEZ 20%, Core Energy 17.5%, EON 17.5%, Faroe Petroleum 7.5% and VNG Norge 2.5%

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In the fall of 2013, the PL348B partners made an oil and gas discovery on the Snilehorn prospect in the Norwegian Sea. The well discovered oil in Jurassic Garn, Ile and Tilje reservoir sands and expected  resources are estimated by Statoil to be in the range of 57-101 million barrels of oil equivalent (mmboe). The Snilehorn structure is situated due west of the Hyme field.

The main well discovered a 130 m thick oil bearing Tilje formation. This is regarded as a positive outcome as the Tilje formation generally has good reservoir quality. At a shallower level oil bearing Ile reservoir sands add to the resources. In addition, minor oil was also present in what is interpreted to be intra Åre sands. The 6407/8-6 A side track towards the east encountered oil in the Ile and Tilje reservoirs, with an additional oil bearing level at a shallower level in what is interpreted to be sandstones of the Melke or Garn formation.

Snilehorn is located in an area between the Trøndelag platform with the Draugen field in the east and the Halten Terrace to the west. The area is characterized by numerous smaller fault compartments with bright seismic anomalies.

Development planning of the Snilehorn discovery is ongoing. A development similar to the Hyme development with tie-back to Njord facilities is envisioned with a production start in 2019, but various concepts will be evaluated before final development solution is decided.

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